Friends sites:

InReach Internet: These awesome people host my site and I would appreciate if you gave them business as well.

CentralCoastUplink- My vision is clear and this dream like your can become a reality.


Sunset Video Services.
Kevin Stokes is a great freind with 30 years of experience in the business. When in LA give him a ring.


Televison / Information Sites

LinkTV- Watch it and support it ! This is the kind of programming that america needs
if you have DISH or Direct TV you can catch some of the best in Counsious programming.

what more needs to be said.

OPB- Oregon's public television station.
My buddy Nick shots for Oregon Field Guide check out his stuff and
support public television in your area The best site for news photographers anywhere. THANK YOU KJ

TVNewsLine Insight into the biz...

TV Trucks Online Newer site with huge potential for truck operators and those that care

TV Newz A TV news site that can be best described as a Webzine.  Great articles, great insight, great look.  Look for collaborations in the future. A virtual newsroom, with links to everything "NEWS."   If you listen very carefully, you can almost hear the police scanners....

NPPA The official site of the National Press Photographers Association, an organization for still and motion picture journalists.

The Maine Photographic Workshops An international conservatory for photographers, filmmakers, video and television professionals, and others. Offering over 200 classes, with everything from web page design to steady cam operation. Radio / Television News Directors Association
(Freedom of Info Section) A detailed listing of info about camera in court.

Shoptalk TV Insider newsletter produced by Don Fitzpatrick Associates. Interesting business gossip, job listings and humor. Still funny after all these years. Stop in for a good story or two...

TV Rundown Get the inside scoop on TV News... Everything a working reporter needs to know.  Plenty of links to all kinds of inside information.

TelevisionWeek (formally Electronic Media) The most read publication in my old newsroom (at least the classifieds were...). Now you can get the job listings (and articles) online.

TV Jobs A great resource for finding jobs in the business. You can search by station, market, or job description. [fee required]

HeliSpot A page dedicated to Helicopters (I never knew there were so many...), with a section dedicated to News Choppers. See photos of your competition's chopper online.

STUDIO BRIEFING A daily summary of entertainment industry news sourced from nearly 70 trade and general-interest publications, wire services and TV news and talk shows. The inside word.

ENG Safety Page Live truck policies from Andy Funk, and Mark Bell of Broadcast Professional.  Good rules to live by...  

MEDIAdvise Have your own mini news photography training at your own station.

News Lab A non-profit, hands-on, television news laboratory, working for better local television news.  We can all use a little help. Media jobs from around the planet. The inside scoop on the media biz.

Lost Remote The television revolution is coming... the industry site for TV web sites.

PressCard.Com Labeled Photojournalism for the soul, this Texas site has great insight into both TV and Print Photography.  Lotta links and info.

Broadcast Video The web's pro-guide to video. Geared to the technical pro, BV's got a little bit for everyone.


My HUGE collection of TV Job sites.

Mike's TV Jobs A huge database with links to station job listing pages from around the country.
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