Mr. John Leiberman. Producer / Corespondent
"America's Most Wanted" Washington D.C.
410-902-4944 / 202-293-0616

Mr. Nick Fisher. Photographer/editor. 
Oregon Public Broadcasting. Portland, OR.
(503) 244-9900 ext #2208 / 503-234-4146

Mr. Mark Hamburg. DOP

Unreel Productions. San Carlos, Ca.

Mr. Sean Bolen   Account Executive. NASDX


Your crew will be dedicated to excellence, with their entire focus on the success of your shoot.
Before the shoot we will communicate with you regularly about the details associated with your job.
We will always update you before the end of each business day with any information you have requested.
Any special technical or creative requirements will be discussed to both parties satisfaction.
On the day(s) of your shoot your professional crew will arrive at the predetermined time.
We will arrive with the best tools for the job that have been thoroughly prepped before arriving on location.
We promise if for some unlikely reason there is an equipment failure, you will have the full resources of our company working to resolve the problem. You will never pay any costs associated with any delay.
We will receive approval for any additional charges, and inform the location producer of any potential overtime anticipated before any overtime is incurred.
After the shoot, all tapes will be properly labeled and expedited per your instructions. If there are any tracking numbers involved in this process, we will make certain your office has the information before the packages arrive.
You will be billed promptly after the shoot and in accordance with your agreement.
You will never pay for any work that you are not totally satisfied with.

This is our commitment to you and if at any time you feel this pledge has not been met, I implore you to call me so I can resolve it immediately to your satisfaction.