Video Production Crew and Equipment

ENG CREW RATES (Northern California)

BASIC Camera Package

Half-Day (5 hours or less):

One-Person Crew: $450.00
Two-Person Crew: $900.00

Full-Day (5-10 hours):

One-Person Crew: $750.00
Two-Person Crew: $1250.00

Includes Sony Panasonic AG HVX 370 HD P2 camera with all gear listed
in the 'equipment' portion of this website. While many shoots can be accomplished with a one-
person crew, it often takes longer for set up and audio. A two-person crew is suggested if there
are several people/subjects involved (so an audio mixer and a boom pole may be used). The audio
package in a one-person crew does not include mixer, shotgun microphone nor boom pole.


Rate Guidelines:

- a half-day is defined as no more than 5 hours with no break
- a 30-minute lunch break will not be charged (for full-days)
- overtime is charged after 10 hours of labor
(rates are $75.00 per hour for one-person crew and $100.00 per hour for two-person crew)
- rates are billed portal to portal
(from Productions' office to location(s) and returning to office)
- mileage is charged at $0.375/mile after a 50-mile round-trip allowance
- Sony Beta-SP tape stock: $15.00/tape
- Sony Mini-DV tape stock: $8.00/tape
- travel days are billed as half-days only if no shooting is performed that day
- rates will always be negotiable, as every shoot is different (discounts for multiple day shoots)
- all balances are due net 30 days from invoice date for established clients

Additional Information:

- Hotels & Airfare: either prepaid by client before shooting begins or I will offer
free travel agent services (finding best deals), book them, and add to invoice

- Current United States Passport

- Production Assistants, Grips, Producers, and Editors are available at additional costs



Camera Crew Booking Request Form

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